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SafeSport Certification

SafeSport Trained certificate requirement for all referees 18 years or older for the 2020 season.
The SafeSport Trained course covers the following topics in-depth:
• Mandatory Reporting
• Emotional and Physical Misconduct Education

A certificate is available once the course is concluded.  This certificate is to be uploaded and verified in the individual Cal South registration system profile. This feature works the same way as the Concussion Education Certificates. 

Cal South has secured an access code to complete these requirements at no expense to our affiliates. You will receive an email from CalSouth with the access code.

SafeSport Certification

  1. Complete the SafeSport Training

  2. Save the Certificate to your device

Two Options to post the certificate:
A. Email your certificate to

B. Upload the Certificate to your CalSouth Account

  1. Log into your CalSouth Account 

  2. Upload the SafeSport Certificate to your CalSouth Account

  3. CalSouth will update the Registered List with those who have completed the certification.


You also are required to have Concussion Awareness Certification