Assignment Policy

Assignment Policy

There are three factors that will determine your assignments and rating (game level you can referee):

  1. USSF Grade

  2. Ability to Manage the Game

  3. Responsibility (arriving 30 minutes before game time and honoring your assignments).


You represent not only yourself, but also your assignors, the Board of Directors and the entire SOCRA Membership. If you fail to show up to a game, we can lose that tournament or the league assignments.

If you are running late CALL the other referees on your games. This is simply respectful and considerate of others, it is how you would want to be treated if you were the center referee on a game and your AR was not present, right?

If you will not be able to make your game(s) find a qualified replacement and call the Assignor for that day.


A fee of $6 will be charged for the following:

  1. Declining games when you submitted your availability (and Arbiter Calendar not blocked)

  2. Failing to follow the assigning policy

  3. Turning back an accepted game(s) within 72 hours

  4. Turning back 10 or more times

  5. Failing to mail or submit the CSL Match Report

  6. Failing to submit a Misconduct Report within 24 hours after a Send off or serious injuries

If you find a replacement and notify your assignor prior to the game you will not receive a reassigning fine.

Late and No Show Fine:

$10 Late Fee

$25 No Show Fee


Repeated problems

1. May lose self-assign privilege when implemented
2. Persistent problems will result in referee suspension.

For more information go to USSF Policy on turning back games US Soccer Assignment Policy